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Topkapi Palace – Audience Hall

When we pass through the third gate “Bab-üs Saadet”, we see in front of us the Audience Hall of the Sultans. This dates from the reign of Mehmet II (15th century); Complete restorations took place during the reign of Ahmet III(1723). It gained its present appearance after a fire in 1856, when it was reconstructed. The surface area is 66m2, a covered with tiles. In the hall is the large canopied gold throne of the sultans. Laid over the cushions of the throne, is a cover ornamented with precious stones and embroidered with gold and silver threads.

In this richly furnished building, until the middle 19th century, grand viziers, foreign ministers and high ranking officers were received by sultans sitting on this golden throne bedecked with precious stones and pearls. During the audience, the water flowing from a fountain at the entrance, prohibited any possible eavesdropers from hearing the discussions of affairs of state.

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