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Library of Sultan Ahmet III

This attractive building, covered with white marble on all sides, stands behing the audince hall in the middle of the Enderun courtyard; it is one of the most beautiful examples of Turkish architecture from the 18th century. The library was erected over a basement in order to protect the priceless books from humidity. It is approached in front by two stairways from the left and right leading to the main entrance.

This building was erected by Sultan Ahmet III in 1719. The walls of the inner room of this vaultdomed marble building are decorated with precious Iznik tiles. The bookcases and shutters have been inlaid with mother-of-pearl and ivory by master craftsmen. The room is very bright with a lot of windows. The recess opposite the entrance was the sultan’s reading corner. Displayed are the following: the original inventory book, the deed of its foundation, and the axe with which the sultan struck the first blow in the soil for the construction of this library.

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