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A wonder of nature that viewers can not believe: Salda Lake (Burdur)

The raft is a tectonic lake located in the Yeşilova district of Burdur. One of the deepest lakes in the country with a depth of about 184 meters, Lake of the Salda is literally a natural wonder with its blue and white tones.

First why is the color of the lake like this?

The raft lake contains sweet-soda water and plenty of lake water contains magnesium. this magnesium is consumed by bacteria in the lake, and the white hydromagnesite minareline transforms into their building blocks. the bacteria colonies made of hydromagnesite minerals come together to bring out the stromotolites. these stromolites lead to the formation of coastal islands within the lake.

the height of these islands from the surface of the water 5-8 meters, the height in the water reaches 8-10 meters. these stromolites, which are composed of hydromagnesite on the coast, are separated by the effect of waves and precipitate as coastal sands. so that the lake is surrounded by a white belt. this white shore lake gives a special view to the lake.

it is quite remarkable that such appearances are also included in the photographs from MARS. In the whiteness observed in photographs from MARS, hydromagnesite is suggested by physicists. Hydromanyesites are produced by bacteria (in the form of stromolites) only in the presence of liquid water. it is one of the natural laboratories in our world that can shed light on whether or not life and water exist on the marsh mars planet. it is already on the agenda of scientists.

In the eyes of those who have gone to Lake Salda before

the appearance of which can sometimes be disappointing because of the escaping winds and the pollination of the pollen over the source of water clarity.

municipal facilities, thanks to the officer ahmet abi made very comfortable camp, spent 3 days perfect bi. we are escaping from the people because we said that the bungalow did not camp inside the crowd, not the houses. He gave himself a blanket because he was too cold because his friend burned from the sun and the sleeping bag was not enough. he took care of every one of us, he went through every problem.

There is a socket on the trees in the campsite of the municipality. you live an electrical problem. Think of you as a traveler who has run a travel hair dryer because it is sinuzit..

In turkey so clear boundaries, I’ve never seen so clean lake. a huge mirror… looking at the lake, watching the clouds. you see the dive of the lake in parts of five ten meters deep. There is no human around the lake except for one or two points. Fortunately, it is a city that is a bit late in life, but it has not been trampled.

One of the routes of this year’s raft cycling festival was the lakeside. For mtb users, we discovered a route with plenty of stones, a little ramp, and a clear turquoise lake view. it was incredible pleasure because there was no restoration around the lake

Bonus: 1 minute 23 seconds of spectacular views of the Salda Lake videosu

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