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9 Places in Istanbul in Turkish novels

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Beykoz Grove


It should be said that Tanpınar söylemek ın Five Cities ’is not a novel. However, if you are looking for a cultural book written on Istanbul, I would like to put this book on your bedside in Istanbul with four different cities. Tanpınar talks about the Beykoz grove in the Five Cities as follows: çalış Which Istanbulers did not miss a wealthy and hard-working contender who would defend himself against the scorching obligations of the outer realm as he wandered around the Beykoz choruses or the Baby Ridges, even though for a brief moment, he couldn’t remember his steel armor. it is dressed? ‘

Orhan Pamuk and Taşkışla


Orhan Pamuk, the son of a noble and Istanbul-based family, has a special place in Istanbul’s life. Sometimes he looks through his window. Sometimes he goes out on the streets and traces the different faces of the city. Taşkışla about Pamuk’s novel ” Yeni Hayat ” and today used to be a faculty of architecture. ” I jumped on the pier in Karaköy, elbated with arms, elbows, climbed the stairs, jumped on the bus, arrived in Taksim and walked to Taşkışla. I stood for a moment looking at the Gypsies selling flowers on the pavements. ”

Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu and Perapalas


The author Karaosmanoğlu, who doesn’t disrupt his quality even though he produces works in many different fields of literature ‘‘ He mentions the people in the car rental host from Perapalas: ’‘ Selma lady: They were eating in a private room in Perapalas the other day.”

Sait Faik Abasıyanık and Kirazlı Mescit Street


Master storyteller Abasıyanık ’Alemdağ’da Var Bir Yılan’ ’is passing in his work Kirazlı Mescit Sokak. This is a region that has hosted many mansions from past to present: e işt From Friday to Friday. School holidays. We live in Kirazlı Mescit Street in Sulaymaniyah. I’m seventeen. I remember the pine tree of Munir Pasha Mansion.”

Sabahattin Ali and Babıâli Street


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