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Turkish food favorites: Zeytinyağlılar

Olive oil is more than a mere ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine, it has defined a style of cooking over many a millennia.

Places to Visit around Kozak Plateau

1. Perperene Antique City The ancient city of Kozak Plateau located at the Gebilir Kayasi site of Aşağıbeyköyü houses a temple, a bath, an amphitheater and two fortifications. The city, which is thought to be a bishopric center in the Byzantine period, is one of the places to be...

A brief history of Turkey

These lands in Anatolia have been settled since 12500 years. The oldest settlement belongs to Old .Stone Age (paleolithic Age) and it dates back B.C. 10500 and it is found in Göbeklitepe in Şanlıurfa. New Stone Age settlements are seen in Diyarbakır Çayönü, Konya Çatalhöyük and...

The most important culture center of the Aegean region: Selçuk (Seljuk)

Selçuk located 74 km. south to Izmir hosts Ephesus which is the most precious antique city of Turkey, the House of Virgin Mary which is one of the most important pilgrimage centers on the world and the ruins of the Artemis Temple considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world....

Kayseri, Turkey

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Kayseri is established on a lowland in the northern foothills of Erciyes Mount in Middle Anatolia and it is in the position of an industrial city and first settlements around Kayseri date back B.C. 2500 years. This is proved by the findings, obtained from excavations, which are...

Bursa, Iznik and Termal

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Whether you are heading for the Aegean or for Ankara and central Anatolia, you would do well to take two or three days to explore this region near the southern shore of the Sea of Marmara. Both Bursa and Iznik have reaped the rewards of rich histories, and Termal remains a...

Great Itinerarie for The Mediterranean Coast (Fodor’s)

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Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is less developed and a bit wilder than the Aegean. There are wonderful ruins here as well: the windsweop remains of ancient Cnidos, the unusual cliff tombs of Dalyan, the mountain aerie of Termessos. Length of Trip: 8-10 days Getting Around by...

Nemrut, Adiyaman – Kahta, Turkey

Kingdom of Commagene is established at the beginning of B.C. 1st century and it is a kingdom, which goes out of existence by Romans in A.d. 72 and maintains its rule in the region, including current Adiyaman, Gaziantep and Maraş provinces. Its capital city is Arsameia city in the...

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